Enjoyment, health & responsibility

„You are what you eat.“

Ludwig Feuerbach

The Food & Health Association understands itself as a think tank for topics related to a responsible food production and an enjoyable and healthy food preparation.

The triad enjoyment – health - responsibility – stands for the idea of advocating a quality improvement in the food production and preparation processes.


The quality of food, as well as its preparation, leaves many unanswered questions to consumers. Increasingly negative developments in the production and processing of food are observable. The daily availability of huge amounts of food seems to guide the value creation processes in a direction, which lead to final products of low quality. Thus our goal is to support and promote a responsible way of food production and processing.

The Food & Health Association aims to encourage and mediate the interaction between food production, food processing, in the industrial and private realm, as well as in the public catering industry. Further, scientific findings of nutritional medicine and nutritional psychology shall be made available and usable to the general public.


The conviction that enlightened man should take responsibility for their environment is the basic idea of the criteria the Food & Health Association suggests for a good food production as well as an enjoyable and healthy food preparation.

12 million people are catered daily in nurseries; school, university and company canteens; hospitals and nursing homes in Germany. Thus we feel especially obliged to the subject of public catering. Our goal is to break up outdated structures through latest insights and to prove feasibility of an enjoyable, healthy and responsible nutrition also in large dimensions.

Another focus is the prevention of diet-related illnesses, especially cancer, one of the biggest health policy challenges of our times. You can find more information about the shopping of good products and their beneficial preparation in Recommendations.

Advanced training courses and conferences

We organize, initiate, support and honor advanced training courses and conferences.

Practical training “Manager for Sustainable Nutrition”

In collaboration with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Munich / Upper Bavaria we initiated and conduct the practical training “Manager for Sustainable Nutrition” including a certification.

Chamber of Industry and Commerce Munich / Upper Bavaria

Stars for the public catering sector

Our goal is to honor the extraordinary accomplishments of public catering, to give it a more public ground and to reflect its significance for daily feeding.

Information and advice

Together with our experts we want to take up and critically analyze current issues and developments. Through our network it is possible to give information about experts in the different areas.

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The quality of food as well as its preparation leaves many unanswered questions to consumers. Increasingly negative developments in the production and processing of food are observable. The result are products of low quality. The Food & Health Association gathers experts in the realm of food and nutrition in order to constructively examine and develop these topics.

Munich Tumor Center

The Munich Tumor Center is a facility of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Munich. At the moment there are 16 active project groups and more than 1.500 active members. It keeps doctors and affected people up-to-date and ensures that all knowledge is made available. Thus it is both a service provider and a service facility.

Munich Tumor Center

Witzigmann Academy

The Witzigmann Academy supports excellent and conscious cooking-, food- and life culture. The objective of the Academy, in line with the spirit of its namesake Eckart Witzigmann, is to promote innovative, trendsetting experiences and knowledge of cooking-, food- and life culture, aimed at both professionals and the general public.

Witzigmann Academy

Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity is the operational body for the protection of food biodiversity. Active in more than 100 countries, the Foundation involves thousands of small-scale producers in its projects. Furthermore, it explores the themes related to these projects (sustainable agriculture, small-scale fishing, animal welfare, seeds, GMOs, etc.).

Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity

University of Gastronomic Sciences Pollenzo

The University of Gastronomic Sciences is a ministerially recognized, private non-profit institution. Its goal is to create an international research and education center for those working on renewing farming methods, protecting biodiversity, and building an organic relationship between gastronomy and agricultural science.

University of Gastronomic Sciences Pollenzo

Institute for Food Culture

The Institute for Food Culture advises all kinds of businesses in the realm of sustainable food production and processing.

Institute for Food Culture


Theresa Geisel

Since 2014 Theresa Geisel advises businesses on sustainable food concepts, focusing on public catering. She supported the European rollout of the internationally active company Eataly, a retail and restaurant concept, specialized on high quality, artisanal, Italian food in Germany. She studied Business and Politics at Zeppelin University as well as the Copenhagen Business School, where she specialized on “Sustainable Business”.

Gregory Emmel

Founding members

Carlo Petrini

Carlo Petrini is author and founder of the international Slow Food movement. His guidelines “good, clean, fair” became the epitome of a responsible food production and processing on the basis of biodiversity.

Otto Geisel

Otto Geisel, cook, diploma in hospitality management and 25 years of experience in the management of his family-owned hotel including a Michelin-starred restaurant, while using only regionally produced products. Years of experience in the board of Slow Food , he is publicist, consultant for sustainable food concepts and a certified wine expert.

Prof. Dr. Volkmar Nüssler

Since 2000 professor Volkmar Nüssler is the managerial coordinator and board member of the Munich Tumor Center. Besides that he is an active supporter of the topic of healthy, enjoyable food in the context of sustainable food production and food processing. He initiated the “Tumor Patients Cooking-App”, the nutrition counseling center, the blog on nutrition, as well as the project team “Nutrition and Cancer” a platform for doctors and nutritionists.


Johannes Ulrich

Günther Kuhn

Burkart Schmid

„The way to a healthy living leads
through the kitchen, not through
a pharmacy.“

Sebastian Kneipp

Recommendations for good products

Recommendations for a healthy preparation

Recommendations for good producers